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We can be your partner in the manufacture of high precision parts

We have a 24/7 high-precision production and manufacturing capacity with state-of-the-art machinery always ready to start production.

We have participated in the manufacture of highly functional components for military aircraft such as A400, Erofighter and EroCopter.

We are proud to have contributed, to our extent, to the international consolidation of Spain as a benchmark in the manufacture of frigates and submarines. As well as the manufacture of structures for state-of-the-art communications.

F100 frigates, S-80 submarine, Lanza N radar.

Manufacture of high frequency passive structures for “on board” models in the space industry. Exomars, Euclid, Sentinel, MTG, etc.

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The quality of our work makes our clients trust GAOR to manufacture the most delicate parts of the process.

Product typology

Our manufacturing expertise covers a wide variety of precision metal parts for mechanisms, antennas, electronic component housings, optics, and other precision ground and flight equipment.

Soportes, herrajes, cajas, soportes para estructuras, carrocerías,
bípodes, piernas, puntales, brazos, tirantes, soportes, bujes,
espaciadores y otras piezas de precisión

Casings, shaft supports, rotor parts [frame, casing, supports, bushings, etc.], bearing shaft bushings, screws, etc.

Boxes, Structures, etc.